Tara is a Mustang mare, born in 2004, whose name (pronounced tar-ah) means “star” in Hindi and Sanskrit. She is simultaneously gentle and strong. She embodies the energy of the earth with her quiet confidence and grounded nature.
When we welcomed Tara into the herd, we were told that she originally came from the wildlands of New Mexico. However, according to the BLM, Tara was born in a holding facility in Oklahoma. This likely means her mother was captured while she was pregnant with Tara, but we’re not sure to which herd her mother belonged. 
Tara was adopted out around the age of two from this facility and somehow made it to the central coast of California. We were told she last lived with a small herd of cattle in south county, all of which were horribly malnourished and neglected. Tara spent around a year in the SPCA’s care before a friend of the sanctuary found her and alerted us to her need for a forever home.
Tara chose to be with Takoda and Bentley when she first arrived. Every chance she got, she would run down to the shared fence line and call to them. As Sharon worked with Tara each day, she introduced her to the rest of the herd along the fence. Kiva would come up to meet her nose-to-nose, speaking words that couldn’t be heard by human ears. Over time, Kiva started calling out for Tara just as he does for his other mares when they’re away from the herd. Soon the rest of the herd welcomed her in. The sweetest part of her integration was the rare sight of an energetic Peppy moving with speed alongside Tara, even giving a playful little kick in the air with her hindlegs.
Tara has completely captivated our hearts and kept us on our toes with her wild Mustang magic. While she has grown accustomed to sharing the pasture with wild turkeys and settled into the herd’s daily routine, she remains just as curious as when she arrived and ever-gentle toward all the new experiences and people who’ve come her way.


Tara, rescued horse