Friend to All – is a beautiful, black & white, spotted saddle horse gelding born in 2000. He is patient, easy-going, cooperative, playful, loves attention, and has soft eyes that reflect his spirit.
Takoda came to us with leg injuries from repetitious riding in sand that was too soft. Once a saddle horse, his injuries made riding him out of the question. His owner relinquished him to the sanctuary in 2010. Upon arrival, he was turned loose into the pasture. In the beginning, nothing was asked of him. He had the time he needed to settle and adjust at his own pace to his new environment. He seemed to intuitively understand that patience is a huge part of healing and approached it the way he approaches everything else.
Takoda rises to what any situation demands of him. When young Bentley the Pony found refuge at the sanctuary, Takoda accepted his energetic nature and eventually joined in his rambunctious fun. When old Seastar managed to get his leg caught in a gate, Takoda stood over him to prevent him from struggling as help arrived to extricate him. His actions likely spared Seastar a broken leg. Takoda, Bentley, and Seastar are a band of geldings. They bunk, graze, and cavort together. You might see Takoda racing after Bentley, always letting the little pony hold the lead. Or you’ll find him quietly contemplating the universe with Seastar. He is always what his buddies need him to be.
If you reach out to Takoda with your whole heart, he reaches out to you with his. He offers back an overwhelming feeling of honest, generous, authentic friendship. This horse truly embodies the name lovingly bestowed upon him: Takoda – Friend to All.