Stuey is a peaceful, gentle being. He is intelligent, incredibly adaptable, and possesses a genuine willingness to get along with both horses and humans. He loves a good roll in the mud, especially right after a bath!
He was born May 22, 2006, and registered as a sorrel paint quarter horse. Stuey was abandoned by his breeder, along with his sisters, Peppy and Peanut. The three were reunited with a fourth sibling, Bravestar, who arrived before them at the sanctuary.
Stuey arrived with so much sand in his stomach that it had to be pumped out. He continues to require special gastrointestinal care. He’s a cautious, but energetic gelding. Cooperation comes easily to him.
Stuey has a harmonious relationship with all the other horses but in his earlier days was particularly bonded to his sister, Peanut. If separated they would often called to each other. Stuey and Peanut were paired together during training sessions in the round pen in order to bring a sense of safety and comfort to both horses. They flourished in each other’s presence and gained skill and confidence. Stuey is an excellent partner in the natural training practiced at the sanctuary. He responds so well to trust, respect, and clear communication.
If you reach between his front legs and give him a good scratch on his chest, he will happily respond by using his agile lips to groom you in return!