Starberry, aka Strawberry, a Polish Arabian, was born in 1998 and lived in the fields near Pfeiffer Beach with her sister, Caroline, for 17 years. In August of 2020, the beloved Big Sur mares fell victim to an atrocious act of animal cruelty leaving both horses with 3rd-degree burns and nerve damage. Sea Star Horse Sanctuary offered emergency veterinary care and lifetime sanctuary for both horses. The owners elected to euthanize Caroline and relinquish Starberry. In her new home at the sanctuary and with the loss of her sister still fresh in her experience, she began to seek companionship and bonded with our oldest mare, Jane. Starberry has a child-like spirit: bold and bright but soft and curious. She is learning what an indoor stall is and beginning to trust hands that hold foreign objects. In addition to traditional medical treatment for chemical burns, Starberry is receiving animal self-medication therapy and Medical Qi Gong for healing her body, heart/mind, and spirit.