Seastar is Sorrel Quarter horse who was likely born around 1998 based a veterinarian checking his teeth. Seastar was not our first rescue but he embodies the Sanctuary’s mission of aiding forgotten horses who are at a time of their lives when care is most needed. He was adopted from the Monterey SPCA in 2008 after being held in the witness protection program for being witness to a homicide. He was found abandoned in a round pen with a pig and another horse. Seastar has ringbone, a lacrimal duct issue and was gelded late in life before coming to SSHS. Because of his stud-like tendencies he is kept in his own pasture with his friend Takoda. Seastar is very kind and stoic despite a tough life journey and is a reminder to us to have compassion for all living things. Seastar receives a daily Equioxx tablet to help with his arthritis.