Peppy is a sorrel quarter horse born on May 13, 2007. Along with two of her siblings, Peanut and Stuey, she was discarded by her breeder.  She was rescued when news reached the sanctuary that all three horses were bound for auction and slaughter. A fourth sibling, Bravestar, was already at the sanctuary. Keeping them together was important for these animals that form deep familial bonds.

Peppy was born with twisted hind legs that her breeder tried to straighten with braces. Without professional orthopedic supervision, this subjected her to more pain and damage. We suspect that this frightening experience instilled a mistrust of humans. When she arrived at the sanctuary, she was scared, angry, withdrawn, defensive, and insecure. With love and patience, Peppy began to show signs of softening. Buds of endearing gentleness and positive interactions blossomed into the sweet, affectionate horse she is today.

Peppy has received such fine veterinary care that she has come to understand they are there to help her. With a gentle hand, and a little help from treats, she increasingly does not require sedation. Even if a new procedure alarms her, she makes an effort not to hurt anybody when she recoils. Bad memories still make her a bit jittery, especially if she can’t see her herd, but the progress she has made is a true testament to her resilient spirit and willingness to trust again.

Peppy is on the lower end of the herd’s ranks. With her physical limitations, she is grateful for their protection. She thrives in the sense of connection and security that only comes from the company of other horses. Modest and unassuming, she always seems pleasantly surprised when she is chosen from all the horses for a session of massage, energy work, or other holistic healing. Before leaving the pasture, she peers around at Kiva, as if asking his permission, but she’s happy to go. If she loves you, she will let you know by showering you with nuzzles and kisses.