Papoose was born a Sorrel Paint Quarter Horse mare in 1986 and came to live with the founder, Sharon Regan, of Sea Star Horse Sanctuary (SSHS) at age 4. She is smart and strong-willed, qualities in a herd that would one day elevate her to being the lead mare. In the beginning she was quite the handful and often refused to be caught! Over time we come to realize the best horses (and people) usually are a handful at one time of another. In 1989 Sharon met Ray Berta at a Buck Brannaman clinic trying to address this very issue. They say if you ask one hundred horsemen you’ll get one hundred answers. Maybe that’s why horses bring us so many lessons. Yes, they are friends and companions, but if we are lucky, they are also teachers and mentors, helping us to more fully appreciate their qualities of sentience and intelligence as individuals with a deep herd animal instinct. Papoose had grown as a solid citizen, taking her owner over many trails, and worked many years as a cow horse. She birthed the next generation of a beloved horse in our herd, the fantastic Kiva. Even at this wizened age, Papoose still enjoys her elevated status as lead mare of the herd. Papoose enjoys monthly Legend injections, and body work like acupuncture, massage and chiropractic care. Papoose receives a daily Equioxx tablet to help with her arthritis.