Meet the herd



Starberry, aka Strawberry, a Polish Arabian, was born in 1998 and lived in the fields near Pfeiffer Beach with her sister, Caroline, for 17 years. In August of 2020, the beloved Big Sur mares fell victim to an atrocious act of animal cruelty …


Bravestar is a Grulla mare born on May 15, 2007. In 2011 Ray Berta recommended Bravestar to the founder of SSHS).


Jane was born a Sorrel mare in 1988. Jane was Kiva’s surrogate mother to help wean Kiva off Papoose.


Kiva was born June 10, 1995 from Papoose and boy does he love her! Kiva is definitely the alpha male of the main herd.


Seastar is Sorrel Quarter horse who was likely born around 1998 based a veterinarian checking his teeth.


Stuey was born May 22, 2006 and registered as a Sorrel Paint Quarter Horse with Dunn markings. He was rescued with his sisters, Bravestar, Peppy and Peanut.


Takoda means “friend to all” and he honestly is! This black and white Tobiano gelding was born in 2000, loves attention and has a playful heart.


Peanut was born June 12, 2007 and registered as a Grulla mare. She has been in the middle of the herd hierarchy but she has recently taken more of a leadership role.


This beautiful Dunn is a registered Sorrel Quarter Horse. Born on May 13, 2007 with twisted hind quarters and placed into support braces to help them straighten out.


Bentley was adopted in 2017 making him the newest addition to the herd. He is an intelligent, stubborn and wise pony.

In Loving Memory

We remember all those who found sanctuary at last and left this earth with love in their hearts and food in their bellies.

Papoose crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 20, 2020 She was 34 and Seastar Sanctuary had Papoose for 30 years. On about 4pm on 1/20 our vet for almost 20 years, Matt Durham of Steinbeck Equine Clinic in Salinas and his wife Tiffany (vet tech) came to the barn even though they were on vacation to help Papoose be free.  The picture below was the sky over the barn and pasture about 1/2 hour after which the sky was totally gray before that.  She lit up the sky over the whole area with a lavender-pink and golden color, it was just magnificent and as beautiful as she is. Our heart is sadden and heavy but we know she is peaceful. She is a big part of my soul and purpose for what we do.

Papoose was born a Sorrel Paint Quarter Horse mare in 1986 and came to live with the founder, Sharon Regan, of Sea Star Horse Sanctuary (SSHS) at age 4. She was smart and strong-willed, qualities in a herd that would one day elevate her to being the lead mare. In the beginning she was quite the handful and often refused to be caught! Over time we come to realize the best horses (and people) usually are a handful at one time of another. In 1989 Sharon met Ray Berta at a Buck Brannaman clinic trying to address this very issue. They say if you ask one hundred horsemen you’ll get one hundred answers. Maybe that’s why horses bring us so many lessons. Yes, they are friends and companions, but if we are lucky, they are also teachers and mentors, helping us to more fully appreciate their qualities of sentience and intelligence as individuals with a deep herd animal instinct. Papoose had grown as a solid citizen, taking her owner over many trails, and worked many years as a cow horse. She birthed the next generation of a beloved horse in our herd, the fantastic Kiva.

To honor Papoose, consider a donation in her name.