Founder Sharon Regan’s holistic approach to horse care is what makes Sea Star Horse Sanctuary so special. Over the past two decades, she has created a wellness program that considers the whole horse; heart, mind, body and spirit. Cultivating inner and outer harmony within our horses begins with pristine pastures, spacious stables and a deeply enriching natural environment in which our horses freely roam. This ideal of horse wholeness is further realized through a balanced offering of holistic therapies and connection-based ground work.

Sarkik Kulakli practices Applied Zoopharmacognosy.

 Applied Zoopharmacognosy

Zoopharmacognosy is the study of medicinal compounds foraged by animals to heal themselves in the wild. Applied Zoopharmacognosy, founded by Caroline Ingraham, brings these healing components to domesticated and captive animals, who are cut off from their natural habitats. Remedies are offered in the form of top-quality, organic, secondary metabolites (e.g. essential oils and absolutes, clays, seaweed, plant extracts, dried herbs and flowers, roots, bark, algae, minerals and infused oils). Remedies are never forced, the key is Self-selection. Evolutionary history gives animals an innate ability to know what they need and exactly how much is required for their health and well-being.
Horses process healing constituents by inhaling them in several different ways: Smelling delivers trace amounts of aromatic molecules to the blood stream. Sniffing with nostrils flaring takes aromatic molecules to the blood via the lungs. Jacobson’s organ (the vomeronasal organ) opens a shortcut to the limbic system, causing horses to display a toothy grin when they use it. When needed, horses will also lick or chew constituents, or indicate that they want them applied topically. When they have taken what they need, they lose all interest in the remedy and walk away. They show you when the session is finished. (Animal Self-Medication:  How Animals Heal Themselves Using Essential Oils, Herbs & Minerals)

Healing Touch

Healing Touch is an alternative healing modality which uses heart-centered intention to balance, clear and energize the biofield through light touch, utilizing specifically sequenced techniques. A session is based on a multi-step process which includes an intake, pre- and post- assessments, intervention and evaluation of the results. The results can be physical (such as a reduction in discomfort), emotional, mental, and even spiritual by achieving a sense of peace. Both people and animals can benefit from receiving Healing Touch. Its holistic approach can complement other modalities which address primarily physical symptoms. It is particularly helpful to receive healing touch in the aftermath of trauma, pre- and post- surgery, and during major life transitions.

Kathy Muller gives Jane a deep tissue massage.

Equine Massage



Equine Massage Therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body which includes muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.

It follows similar principles to human sports massage because, like people, animals can suffer from muscular pain and discomfort which can inhibit the way they move causing them to use their body incorrectly to compensate which can create hidden problems.

There are many styles of Equine massage and bodywork. Some methods employ more subtle techniques outwardly that have deep effects inwardly on the Equine body and mind.


BioEnergetic Equine BodyWork


BioEnergetic Equine BodyWork incorporates the physical modalities of miofascial and stress point release with the energetic modalities of photonic therapy, Reiki, Integrative Manual Therapy and Spirit Point Work based on traditional acupuncture points, chakras and energy centres of the horse. Together, these physical and energetic modalities blend to form a powerfully holistic system to help prevent injuries, speed healing and facilitate soundness of the equine body, mind and spirit.

Thea Montella works on Kiva.

Thea Montella offers her unique form of equine bodywork to Kiva.

Jackie Pelosi

Takoda receives a “Qi session” from Jackie Pelosi-Harris

Chinese Energetic Medicine


Chinese energetic medicine, or Medical Qi Gong, is a specialized form of energy medicine and one of the five branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine which include acupuncture, herbal medicine, medical massage and diet (nutritional medicine). It is based on the Chinese medical view of the body, its channels, vital substances, and energy centers.  Chinese Energetic Medicine views health as a state of harmony or balance existing between the internal environment of the body and the external environment it lives in.  Extreme weather conditions, emotional upset, physical trauma, infectious organisms, poor nutrition and the aging process are capable of disrupting this state of harmony.   The goal of a Qi treatment is to restore free-flowing Qi throughout the body and bring about a state of balance by correcting bio-energetic imbalances or blockages.
The treatment begins with recognizing Qi imbalances and blockages through a Qi assessment which involves observing the energy patterns around the surface of the body and then running the hands over the channels to determine specific information about the state of the channels. These channels are found close to the surface of the skin on the limbs and deeper within the trunk of the body to the internal organs. They are the pathways that Qi moves through. Throughout the assessment, observation of the deeper physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the animal are intuited. Next, the Qi imbalance is corrected through the appropriate technique. A purging technique is used to cleanse and purify the body’s energetic fields and to remove pathogenic, toxic, or stagnant Qi. A tonifying technique is used to emit healthy Qi into deficient areas and recharge the body. Finally, a regulation technique is used to balance the Qi in order to promote a healthy flow of life force in the body thus cultivating health, vitality, and happiness. When Qi imbalances are corrected, innate healing potential is initiated. Sometimes the change is immediate. Chronic conditions may require additional treatment and time. Medical Qi Gong is a potent adjunct therapy to veterinary care. It is especially beneficial for aging animals, chronic illnesses like cancer, idiopathic illness and stubborn conditions resistant to traditional treatment.


Wilson Meagher Equine Sports Massage


Horses experience problems in motion resulting from the strain and exertion of exercise or work and from the aging process. Wilson Meagher Equine Sports Massage employs the application of an anatomically accurate series of soft tissue techniques to restore complete freedom and ease of movement in the equine body. This method identifies stress points in the muscle and then through its techniques, alleviates muscle restriction, tightness and pain. This work is specific to the cause of the muscular problem while treating the entire body. The results of this work are:
• An increase in freedom and range of motion
•  Improved performance, balance and endurance
• Aids in prevention of injury and loss of mobility
•  Alleviates pain caused by muscle restriction
• Improved circulation of blood and lymph
• Promotes graceful aging
• A general sense of well-being
• A relaxed mind
*The Wilson Meagher Method combines the logic and technique of sports massage developed by the late Jack Meagher with the practice of specific soft tissue applications, biomechanics and body conditioning developed by Jo-Ann Wilson.


Jackie Pelosi

Ground Work

Our horses grow confident, soft, and willing through a unique style of groundwork which emphasizes mutual understanding and true connection between horse and human. Through his compassionate leadership, Ray Berta, Master Horseman and communicator, guides our horses and volunteers into harmonious relationship. The result of this work is horses that are light on their feet and light in their hearts.

Sharon Regan began her decades long study of natural horsemanship with Ray Berta in 1998 and continues to this day. She imparts this method of natural training with all the horses in our care. This ground work is paramount in assisting the horses to change unhealthy behaviors, to release tension in their bodies and to free up their minds. Through various exercises based on timing, feel, and consistency; Sharon offers the horses an opportunity to become calmer, happier, and more willing partners.

Sharon and Starberry working together in the round pen