Bravestar is a grulla mare born in 2007, She has beautiful dun coloring, a dorsal stripe down her back, and black lower legs, mane, and tail. Brought to founder Sharon Regan’s attention by a good friend, this former trail and cow horse found permanent refuge at the sanctuary. Intelligent, bold, self-possessed, and brave, she is also gentle and kind. She watches out for the herd with a quiet authority that is respected by all the horses. Her self-assurance brings a calmness to the herd. Bravestar can express her displeasure forcefully, but she’s very forgiving. When walking, trotting, or running with other horses, she pushes to the front to lead. Her name suits her perfectly.
Bravestar became a lifeline to three siblings that were fathered by the same grullo stallion. Sharon didn’t know they existed until it came to her attention that they were heading to slaughter. Their breeder abandoned them during a time of economic crisis, when many horses were dumped or sold to kill buyers. Knowing how deeply important equine familial bonds are, Sea Star Horse Sanctuary acted quickly to save them all. They settled right into Kiva’s herd, with their sister as the lead mare.
In 2019 Bravestar ruptured the collateral ligament in her front fetlock. After triage at the veterinary clinic, she began five months of rehabilitation. While being slowly walked to her stall, she wanted to trot. When forced to slow down, she reared up to show her displeasure. The cast on her leg did not diminish her feisty spirit. Physical therapy included a weekly program of eurociser, aquatred, and vibrating floor plates with monthly examinations by the veterinarian and ultrasounds of the fetlock. Bravestar’s strong will restored her to her life. Her reunion with her herd was, needless to say, joyful.