“Sea Star is an equine paradise and a healing place not only for the Sanctuary Herd, but for anyone fortunate enough to experience the loving, peaceful yet dynamic energy of the horses. It is an unparalleled setting for the horses to thrive and for humans to grow in spirit.” – Thea M., Pebble Beach, CA

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Our Mission

Sea Star Horse Sanctuary rescues, rehabilitates and provides lifetime sanctuary to ponies and horses at risk of needless slaughter, who are old and/or injured, or who have been abandoned with nowhere to go. All rescued horses receive the best of care and management throughout the remaining years of their lives. Sea Star Horse Sanctuary seeks to improve the quality of life of the horses at its sanctuary by providing specialized nutrition, proper exercise and the highest standard of veterinary and holistic care.  Sea Star Horse Sanctuary provides members of the community with the unique benefit of equine-assisted learning and through its programs, fosters transformative relationships between humans and horses.

Who We Are

Founded by Sharon Regan in 2017, Sea Star Horse Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to providing exceptional care and lifetime sanctuary to abused, abandoned, and neglected horses.

Located across from Monastery Beach and Point Lobos in Carmel, CA; The sanctuary is a natural refuge inhabited by Monterey pines, cypress and maritime chaparral. In this place of elemental harmony, horses, humans, birds and wild animals converge on ancient native land.

We believe in nurturing the body, mind, and soul of each horse in our loving care. We value each member of our horse family as they are. We don’t use our horses for any purpose, their work is done. We strive to cultivate “horse wholeness” by providing comprehensive veterinary care, specialized nutrition, natural training, connection-based grooming techniques and holistic care. We respect and honor the essence of the equine spirit.


Equine-Guided Learning is a powerful and effective approach to experiential learning that includes one or more horses, and that is designed to have a positive impact on individuals of all ages. Learning-based activities with horses can encourage the development of skills and values that can be applied to all domains of life. Connecting with horses in this way fosters the development of empathy, confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness in addition to learning the presented concepts and skills at hand.

Tara, rescued horse
Tara, rescued horse


Volunteers contribute greatly to the care and well-being of the Sea Star horses. Volunteers provide the herd with exercise, connection-based grooming and loving, human interaction and touch. They also provide valuable help with projects like event planning and fundraising.

We currently are seeking volunteers for a number of roles that require special skills and experience: marketing/social media, website content, fundraising, programs manager and a grant writer. At this time, we’re also accepting volunteers with horse experience.

If you’d like to join our team of volunteers, email Sharon at info@seastarhorsesanctuary.org


Most of our horses come from abusive or neglectful backgrounds


We provide state of the art therapies to help our horses heal and recover



We use grooming as an opportunity for fostering deeper connection and developing trust with our horses



Our horses flourish knowing they have a loving home and purpose


Some of the ways you can support Sea Star Horse Sanctuary


When you visit you’ll know right away that it is a special place. Our sanctuary is home to amazing horses and each has a special story.



Our growth has been thanks to the many foundations that have provided grants to fund specific projects that make lives better for our horses, or that help us spread their message.

Planned Giving

By including Sea Star Horse Sanctuary in your will, you will be able to continue providing a second chance for abused and unwanted wild and domestic horses.

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When purchasing these products, you support our efforts to provide for abused and unwanted horses.